Residing since March 2010 and my living experience of Shanthidhama is here.

I am living with my husband in Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama. My cottage has plenty of natural light and fresh air. Around my cottage there are plants with beautiful flowers. I get breeze, I get fragrance of flowers. Opposite to my cottage there is fountain. It is so pleasing while running in night time. Colorful lights are adopted to this fountain for night shows. There are few swings near my cottage. I play in the swing with my inmates.

In Shanthidhama there a big temple for lord Venkatesha, Lord Ganapaty and Godess Sri Vasavi. Also there is a beautiful Navagra with special medicinal value trees. This temple is very nice to see during festive seasons and auspicious days Because it is decorated with colorful flowers and lights. In every Hindu festival days there will be special breakfast and lunch. These are very delicious and tasty too.

Once in a week doctor visits residents of Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama and check health condition. If too serious the managent staff make necessary arrangements to send residents to nearby hospital. Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama is a decent place for senior citizens. Both husband and wife can live together.

Residing since October 2011.

My husband’s health was poor when I joined Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama. So I decided to stop writing books and pay full attention on improving my husband Professor Ramananda Setty’s health. Also I expressed my purpose to Mr. B.V. Srinivasa Gupta, Honorable Secretary of Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama. Mr. Gupta suggested me to continue my writing habit and publish new books. Mr. Gupta and his team assured me to care for me and my husband’s health improvement. Gradually my husband's health improved, I wrote three new books andnpublished. I got a special award in the year 2020. Also in February 2021 my name has been announced for the T. Girija endowment award. Mr. Gupta is very happy about my progress.

The management team is very kind and help residents in health emergencies. If anybody is found sick, they take care of the patient needs, admit to nearby hospitals and make necessary arrangements. They inform concerned people of the patients. Also an in-house nurse is available to serve residents and patients. There are quarters in Shanthidhama for the staff.

Many of our close friends, relatives and students meet me in Shanthidhama. Some of them come from within Mysore city and Karnataka. Some of them come from abroad. There is a special guest house for visitors. All my visitors appreciate Shanthidhama and give good opinion about service and facilities.

Shanthidhama is run by public and residents charity. Yet it is a well maintained senior citizens home without any disputes.

Residing in Shanthidhama since July 2017 and my experience about Shanthidhama is shared here.

I am born and bought up in Banglore. Banglore is growing fast with heavy pollution. I searched many senior citizens home in Banglore and Hosur. I did not find a suitable place that fulfills my dream location. I was looking for a place without pollution, away from city hassles, low traffic etc,. I collected the details of many senior citizens homes near Bangalore. I visited many places and met people. Finally I selected Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama in Mysore.

Mysore is a very clean, neat and pollution free city. It has a beautiful palace and many historical places. It is a tourism city too.

There are few villages near Shanthidhama. I go for morning walk near these villages and enjoy sunrise. I take my vehicle and rome around city, visit nearby popular places. Chamundi Hill is close to Shanthidhama. I frequently go to hill and enjoy looking at city from top.

There are many good hotels to enjoy tasty snacks with coffee/tea. Also good super markets are available near Shanthidhama for daily needs, fruits and medicines.

Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama is located in very good location. It inspires old age people and make them young.

Residing in Shanthidhma since March 2016. My experience about Shanthidhma is given below.

I was searching for a senior citizens home in Mysore. I got information about Vasavi Shanthidhma in google. I visited Shanthidhma and got impressed by the greenary inside Shanthidhma. Varieties of plants, trees, wide roads, big cottages and specious dining hall were very attractive. As Shantidhama is away from the city, traffic movement is very less and free from noise and sound pollution. There is a bus stop right in front of Shantidhama, I can go to city when I need without any tiredness. It was like a resort made for only senior citizens. As there was no noise and sound pollution I felt this environment suits my needs.

I am staying here since five years, food and snacks are very tasty and hygiene. I get power and water round the clock. I can use hot water any time as each cottage have solar power systems.

As there is a big temple within our senior citizens home, I visit regularly for prayers and meditation. During festivals and auspicious days special decorations will be made to perform all religious activities. There is a library to read books on Spirituality, Health and old-age.

Weekly once our in-house doctor checks my health conditio. If I need to go out I use my bicycle. Mysore roads are wide, safe and less traffic. There is bus stop in front of Shanthidhma to go to mysore city.

As our management and Honorary Secretary is caring for residents, I have no much issues. Sri Vasavi Shanthidhma is really a blissful place for me and aged people.

Residing in Shanthidhama since December 2013. My opinion about Shanthidhama is given below.

Normally old-age homes are not attractive and dull. This is the major reason for the people who try to avoid joining old age homes. I too had the same thought to avoid living in old age homes.

One of my friend suggested me to visit Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama. When I visited Shanthidhama for the first time, I felt very happy. The reason for my happiness is the environment of Shanthidhama with greenary, cleanliness, calmness, active inmates, kindness of staff and 24/7 security etc. Shanthidhama was vibrating very positively.

There are many programmes for religious and cultural activities. All residents participate and feel happy and active. There are some programmes for entertainment also. Movies Show, Birthday Parties, Marriage Anniversaries, Moonlight parties etc. These special activities motivate residents and improve mental health.

Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama is a beautiful place in Mysore for senior citizens.

Residing in Sri Vasavi shantidhama since March 2010 and my experience is

I have two daughters. Both are married and well settled in Banglore. I was not interested to trouble my daughters to worry about me and my wife. So I decided to join senior citizens home and selected Sri Vasavi shanthidhama.

After joining Shantidhama both me and my wife are living together happily and peacefully. I need not have to worry about our daily needs like Milk, Vegetables, Groceries etc., because we get ready food timely and regularly in our senior citizens home.

I need not have to worry about monthly tasks like paying Water bills, Electricity bills etc. I need not have to search for a plumber, electrician or a carpenter. Because all the maintenance works are taken care by the management staff. Housekeeping staff are also available with reasonable charges.

I am a 90 year old man and my wife’s age is 80 years. At this age living independently is a challenge and risky too. Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama is really very helpful place for the people who are too old.

I am residing in Vasavi Shanthidhama since October 2018. My experience about Shanthidhama is shared here.

I have supported my husband for a decent life and peaceful death. Also I made my children well educated and grow well. Now they all are settled abroad.

I was single and looking for safe and peaceful place. I felt Sri Vasavi Shanthidhma is suitable for ladies who are living single and without family. So I joined Shanthidhma.

The staff of Shanthidhma are very helpful. Office staff, manger and secretary all take good care of residents. Residents are good and friendly. The residents join together to spend time for spiritual discourses and discussions. I feel Sri Vasavi Shanthidhma is a right place for old age women.

Residing since October 2011.

I am retired professor. I served for Yuvaraja college in Mysore University for 33 years. Also I served as fellow for Mineralogical society of India.

I am residing in Shanthidhama with my wife Dr. Sujatha HS. Both me and my wife are leading a happy and peaceful life.